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03.04.2015 02:47, Samira from Oisterwijk E-mail Homepage :
I adore this site - its so usefull and helpfull.

Also visit my site zumo de acai

10.07.2009 02:40, pourang` from los angeles E-mail :
dear yussi i live in los angeles we meat befour
i was technical director in iranian tv ineed to talk to you could you call me at (818)605-6617
i real appreciated my nema is pourang every body call me PJ

17.09.2008 18:12, Dori E-mail :
Yussi, you are amazing! Thank you for your beautiful music and for touching my soul.

21.08.2008 14:35, Ricky Byrum from east coast USA E-mail Homepage :
Great artist! Awesome talent!


Ricky Byrum

25.07.2008 00:12, Jun :
sorry, here's the correct URL:
http://www.acousticguitarforum .com/forums/

25.07.2008 00:11, Jun :
saw you playing at the streets of long beach today. thanks for the great music.

join us for some discussion sometimes, rum

19.04.2008 00:02, Faustino M Amesquita from USA/Sterling, IL E-mail :
Hey man, How's it going are you going to be in Chicago any time soon? Let me know so I can see you perform.

Your cousin

18.04.2008 03:21, Stringman :
Love all the Instruments,and the playing!
Great Albums.


16.04.2008 21:11, Guitar Freeek :
Love the playing

06.09.2007 02:05, joe E-mail :

Page: 1
Entries: 10
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